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Taxi Driver Jobs Stoke On Trent. Taxi Driver VacancysAutocab Taxis currently have over 130 taxi drivers working in Stoke On Trent and Newcastle Under Lyme. our drivers range from saloon car taxi drivers to Minibus and Wheelchair disabled access taxi drivers. Our taxi drivers cover all major UK airports, School Runs and all major cities like Manchester Birmingham London Leeds and Liverpool.


We can never have too many taxi drivers so our taxi driver jobs vacancy list is always open to all drivers who meet our strict criteria. If you own a car, minibus or MPV and are looking to make a regular income working at your own pace then Autocab Stoke On Trent taxis is for you.

The employment situation in North Staffordshire has been hit hard with many out of work and looking for new jobs. In Stoke on Trent once stood a thriving pottery industry with a constant stream of work, today its a shadow of its former self. Finding a job in today’s climate is hard and the outlook does not show any improvements with very little choice in jobs

Taxi Drivers Jobs
Autocab taxis have seen a steady rise in drivers enquiring about taxi driver jobs. We receive taxi driver job applications from heavy goods vehicle drivers to office workers. All are looking to become a self employed taxi driver and earn a regular income


Our Stoke On Trent taxi service is a 24 hour operation covering all areas of Stoke on Trent, Newcastle Under Lyme, Cheshire and All Major Airports. With such a wide area we are constantly looking for enthusiastic honest and reliable taxi drivers looking for taxi driver jobs.

Please download and complete our taxi driver jobs application form. Once complete please submit with all required documents to our Stoke on Trent personnel department in Longton.


Autocab Stoke On Trent Taxis are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment. All job applicants and employees will receive equal treatment regardless of racial origin, colour, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, trades union membership, disability/impairment, or age.